Real time data exchange triggering life saving response systems

IoT in Healthcare is more than healthcare Intelligence aided by the cloud. real-time data exchange now enables patient care as well paramedic response teams to make quick, smart and potentially life-saving decisions.

Cavli’s suite of cellular IoT solutions enables healthcare technology providers to achieve absolute remote monitoring, diagnostics & management of medical equipment, wearables and alert sensor systems. Patient data management requires high standards of cyber security. Cavli's robust network security protocols ensure Healthcare IT solution makers and system integrators have that part of the equation sorted.

Cavli for Healthcare

Connected Wearables

Connected Wearables

Smart Wearables send real-time anomaly alerts to hospitals/hospice centers to ensure timely medical assistance for patients. The data intelligence can also facilitate proactive alerts to ensure high-risk patients are tended to even before a fatal incident.

Connected Devices

Connected Devices

Equipment performance monitoring is even more critical when the sector is healthcare. From Smart - Connected Ventilators to IoT enabled critical vaccine transport carriages, there is an unprecedented level of visibility in the healthcare delivery value chain.

Hygiene Delivery and Environmental monitoring

Hygiene Delivery and Environmental monitoring

Public amenities are now required to adhere to hygiene quality standards unheard of ever since the outbreak of the pandemic. Air quality monitoring is fast emerging as a baseline installation.UV radiation & air sterilization robots are becoming the new normal.


  1. Real-time Patient Monitoring

  2. Smart Wearables

  3. Hygiene Monitoring

  4. Controlled and Intelligent Drug Delivery

  5. Connected Medical Equipment for Remote Diagnostics

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