Our Story

We are a bunch tech engineers with entrepreneurial experience for more than 10 years. Over our course in telecom career, we identified that, 5G and IoT is going to change the way we live. And with our expertise, we also want to contribute into this Digital Transformation era. But, we noticed that the technology buzz is going beyond without even solving or reducing the problems which the industry is going face down the line. 

Then we listed out each one of those problems and defined a solution to fill most of the gaps. We want all technology or IT companies be given space to contribute to the IoT industry with our solution model 'Connect-Compute-Data' (CCD). 


To build products & integrated solutions that will, facilitate seamless digital transformation thereby, enabling business to achieve faster product deployment.

To build products & integrated solutions that will, facilitate seamless digital transformation thereby, enabling business to achieve faster product deployment.

Value Proposition  

Cavli Wireless is a technology design & manufacturing company which will enable core industry applications to define smart connected solutions. We aim to build solutions that will act as reliable enablers for the IoT and connectivity segment in general.


Innovation needs leadership and we at Cavli Wireless are with great core leaders with great industry experience. Check out for our great expertise line up, this is a real value to our customers we put-forth.


Cavli constantly looking out candidates who have the passion to contribute to the Connected World ecosystem. You can watch out for the positions listed in our career page to have the latest updates.