What is Hubble99?

Hubble99 is one of the most ambitious IoT adoption plans
to be made available globally.

For an irresistible bundled price of $0.99/month/device, IoT solution players get the eSIM integrated connectivity hardware of their choice of technology, pre-loaded IoT data pack and the robust Connectivity-Device management cloud platform, all together as one single package.

Hubble99 marks the true entry of IoT into the subscription economy age. The plan has a host of other allied features/benefits like a lifetime warranty on the connectivity hardware and access to local IoT networks in over 150+ countries.

hubble chip

Cellular Modules

hubble antena

eSIM and Data connectivity

Hubble Cloud

Connectivity-Device Platform

$ 0.99

/device / month

Service highlights

Dedicated Account Management

Dedicated Account Management

Dedicated Account managers along with Application support engineers onboard IoT solution makers to the Cavli development platform that includes Cavli Device development kits, smart modules and the Cavli Hubble platform.

Lifetime Warranty on Hubble99 bundled modules

Lifetime Warranty on Hubble99 bundled modules

All Cavli smart modules come with a lifetime warranty as long as they are active on the Hubble99 plan.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Our round-the-clock technical support team will be available on hotline, chat & email to manage support queries & tickets thereby ensuring that our customers always adopt best practices for their IoT-enabled solution.

Are you an IoT OEM trying to launch your product in multiple geographies ?

Check the network coverage map to ascertain Cavli's global coverage across LPWAN, LTE, 3G & 2G networks.

Traditional way Vs. Hubble99


Traditional way


Connectivity enablement Relies on multiple vendors End-to-end solution for global deployment
IoT data billing Manage several operator invoices One centralized invoice
SIM management Higher connectivity loss rate due to SIM displacement Robust 'Connectivity inside Silicon' with integrated eSIM
Connectivity uptime At the risk of connectivity interruptions Assured global connectivity
Hardware Need to purchase hardware & platform services separately Hardware bundles along with the platform product
FOTA capability Manual firmware-software installation OTA updates + smooth firmware-software installation
Warranty No lifetime warranty Lifetime warranty on IoT modules
Maintenance Frequent maintenance required Deploy & forget model
Troubleshooting Manual troubleshooting Remote diagnostics troubleshooting
Lead time Longer lead time Mass deployment in under 3 months
Initial investment Additional cost for the IoT module Initial investment is considerably lower by around 30%-35% compared to the existing IoT connectivity enablement options

Calculate savings for your next IoT deployment

Cavli Wireless is on a mission to make IoT connectivity seamless, secure, scalable and now cost effective. Hubble99 is set to empower IoT product makers to do more with less. Now considerably bring down the total cost of ownership with the Cavli IoT product suite.

Calculate savings for your next IoT deployment

Check how much you can save on your next IoT project with the Hubble99.

  • arrow iconNegate initial connectivity hardware expense
  • arrow iconLifetime warranty on IoT modules
  • arrow icon24/7 Account management support
  • arrow iconGlobal LPWAN/LTE coverage
  • arrow iconZero network downtime
  • arrow iconUp to 50% savings in first year

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Savings Calculator

IoT Application


Default minimum is 1000 units

Network Technology

Data Requirement (MB)

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Region of Deployment

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    Cavli C-Series modules, designed with longevity and reduced field support in mind, are ideal for IoT product makers looking to quickly model and launch cellular devices in multiple segments and geographies worldwide. The compact design, switch over & fall back options and easy global deployment make C-Series widely acceptable among OEMs.

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    Choose your IoT module

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    Engineer your solution

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