Energy and Utilities

Mission critical applications — mission critical standards

Smart grids & Smart metering optimize energy distribution, thereby reducing operating costs. The data collected at nodes are made available at the cloud for predictive analysis which will help suppliers track down specific cases of peak loads and reroute power to the required areas.

Meeting strict standards while trying to upgrade infrastructure is a characteristic that makes servicing the Energy & Utilities sector a highly competitive space. Cavli’s IoT solutions will provide you with that definite edge by letting you seamlessly connect & manage all your energy assets to deliver on the promise you showcase as a trusted IoT player. Our smart energy solutions are straightforward, adaptable and secure thanks to our cloud-based device monitoring and diagnostics solution – Cavli Hubble.

Why Cavli for Energy & Utilities ?

High Security

High Security

Power, Gas, Water & Fuel management has Cross-border criticality with a nation's productivity dependent on seamless management & distribution of these resources. Cavli's multi-layer security protocol is the armor that IoT OEMs operating in this sector needs.

Significant Downtime reduction

Significant Downtime reduction

Most often reactive maintenance is a result of the absence of impactful data. With Cavli's device management capabilities on the Cavli Hubble platform, remotely diagnose & course correct deployed devices, whenever needed.

Seamless System Integration

Seamless System Integration

IoT needs to have seamless interoperability with other IT systems ranging from ERP to cyber security layers. With Cavli Hubble's messaging service and cloud connectors, OEMs can trust Cavli to effectively tie up the system in the true sense.


  1. Smart Grid

  2. Smart Meter

  3. Smart Building

  4. Remote Asset Monitoring

  5. Process Automation

  6. Predictive Analysis

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