Industry 4.0

Powering hybrid cyber-physical systems

Industry 4.0 refers to the use of key principal technologies to create an ecosystem where machines, systems, and humans come together to address the intricate industrial design challenges.

Internet of Things has the potential to be a key enabler in unlocking greater levels of efficiencies never achieved before, thereby revolutionizing the industrial value chain. With Cavli's IoT connectivity suite that can power Industry 4.0 solutions, factories and warehouses will transition from the days of programmable automation to truly integrated automation systems.

Why Cavli for Industry 4.0?

>Enhanced Equipment Performance

Enhanced Equipment Performance

Cavli's solutions enable preventive measures for potential equipment failures by allowing real-time monitoring and automation in manufacturing.

Safe, Secure and Sustainable Factories

Safe, Secure and Sustainable Factories

Cavli Prioritizes creating sustainable, ecological and economic impacts across the value chain; helping achieve shorter development periods and smaller batch processes.

Reduced Operational Expenses

Reduced Operational Expenses

Cavli powered sensors increase the visibility of the production process and Reduce your costs associated with excess inventory and stock-keeping management.


  1. Connected Machineries and Equipment

  2. Autonomous Manufacturing Assembly Line

  3. Supply Chain Visibility

  4. Predictive Analysis/Maintenance

  5. Production Flow Monitoring

  6. Precision Manufacturing

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