Transportation and Logistics

Managing Transit & Transport the smart way

The world of cross-border logistics and last-mile delivery is undergoing a massive transformation. The infusion of technology at all stakeholder levels from fleets, to logistic service providers to warehouse management to customers, has ensured that there is a level of transparency & visibility now, which was not earlier associated with this sector.

What is now ripe as Onboard fleet Diagnostics, monitoring & control is steadily fusing into the much more sophisticated world of autonomous driving & fleet management. Cavli is at the forefront of this paradigm shift and will enable automotive OEMs and other stakeholders in the value chain to manage the intricacies of staying smart connected, in an intelligent and secure manner.

Why Cavli for Transportation
and Logistics ?

Real-time asset tracking and management in mobility

Real-time asset tracking and management in mobility

Cavli’s solution for telematics enables optimized management & maintenance of vehicles and assets, across the globe.

Reduced Operational Costs

Reduced Operational Costs

Effective fleet monitoring ensures optimized intelligent route maps and safe, fuel-efficient driving patterns resulting in cost savings.

Remote fleet diagnostics

Remote fleet diagnostics

Adopt a proactive approach to fleet maintenance with real-time alerts regarding automotive vitals from engine performance to ancillary systems like electronic controls.


  1. Vehicle Fleet Management

  2. Cargo Asset Tracking

  3. Emergency Call (eCall) in Vehicles

  4. Autonomous Driving

  5. On-board Diagnostic (OBD)

  6. Dynamic Traffic Management

  7. Last Mile Logistics Optimization

  8. Usage-based Insurance

  9. Surveillance Drones

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