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Uninterrupted LTE-M access across the globe for Smart City and Asset tracking solutions

  • November 10, 2020

  • Partnership news

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Cavli’s smart IoT modules C42QM and C42GM pre-loaded with LTE-M connectivity from Orange telecom as part of the Hubble99 plan can power Asset tracking, Smart City & Industry 4.0 applications where uninterrupted network access is crucial

[San Jose, California; November 10, 2020] - Cavli Wireless, a cellular IoT module manufacturer, is partnering with Orange Business Services, a network-native digital service company to bundle Cavli’s IoT modules with LTE-M connectivity.

C-Series IoT modules C42QM and C42GM are part of Cavli’s flagship IoT hardware- SaaS bundle - Hubble99, and together Cavli & Orange will power innovative use cases in smart city applications, smartwatches, critical asset & fleet tracking, and other industry 4.0 applications.

IoT Module with global connectivity

Cavli’s Hubble99 is the world's first truly subscription-based IoT offering with ZERO hardware cost. For an irresistible package price of $0.99/month/device, IoT solution players get the eSIM integrated connectivity hardware of their choice of technology ( on LPWAN/LTE technologies - NB IoT, LTE-M, CAT 1, CAT 4, 2G,3G), pre-loaded IoT data subscription (ranging from 5 MB - 30 MB), and a robust Connectivity-Device management cloud platform- Cavli Hubble all bundled into one single package. This plan enables Cavli’s enterprise customers to avail the cellular IoT modules, global connectivity, and device management platform, without an upfront CAPEX, while providing extended battery life for their IoT devices.

Cavli’s partnership with Orange Business Services will witness the onboarding of around 200,000 devices on the Cavli Hubble platform on use cases requiring LTE-M network access across Europe & North America. Learn more about this partnership.

About Cavli Wireless

IoT Module with global connectivity

Cavli Wireless is a cellular IoT module manufacturer, headquartered in San Jose, California, that combines IoT connectivity and data management into one single platform. Cavli designs and manufactures industrial-grade cellular IoT smart modules that improve equipment reliability and expedite development processes for a variety of applications, including smart city deployments, industrial automation, logistics and transportation, healthcare, and human safety. All smart modules developed by Cavli are equipped with global cellular connectivity through integrated eSIM functionality that provides users with affordable global data pricing, simplified device management processes, and centralized subscription management through their proprietary cloud-based interface Cavli Hubble.

About Orange Business Services

IoT Module with global connectivity

Orange Business Services is a network-native digital services company and the global enterprise division of the Orange Group. It connects, protects, and innovates for enterprises around the world to support sustainable business growth. Leveraging its connectivity and system integration expertise throughout the digital value chain, Orange Business Services is well placed to support global businesses in areas such as software-defined networks, multi-cloud services, Data and AI, smart mobility services, and cybersecurity. It securely accompanies enterprises across every stage of the data lifecycle end-to-end, from the collection, transport, storage, and processing to analysis and sharing.

With companies thriving on innovation, Orange Business Services places its customers at the heart of an open collaborative ecosystem. This includes its 27,000 employees, the assets and expertise of the Orange Group, its technology and business partners, and a pool of finely selected start-ups. More than 3,000 multinational enterprises, as well as two million professionals, companies, and local communities in France put their trust in Orange Business Services.

Orange and any other Orange product or service names included in this material are trademarks of Orange or Orange Brand Services Limited.

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