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The building blocks of IoT - the Edge Hardware, Embedded Software, Global Network Connectivity and IoT Protocols,
all bundled for an irresistible proposal of $0.99/Device/Month.

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IoT Modules

High-performance eSIM integrated cellular IoT connectivity and compute modules designed for all possible IoT applications.


IoT Connectivity

The easiest way to connect your devices across the globe. Enjoy local connectivity in any market you deploy without the hassle of interacting with multiple telecom operators. Experience next-generation IoT connectivity with hardware-agnostic SIM card and eUICC chip. Now scale your business across geographies.


Device & Connectivity Management Platform

Cavli Hubble is our global connectivity management cloud platform with Device and Data management capability, enabling businesses and industries to build and deploy easily scalable, reliable and secure global wireless IoT solutions. Now take control of your deployments with our simple, efficient and cost-effective solution.

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